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Buying on is easy? How do I PLACE AN ORDER?

Buying on is very easy, just follow a few simple steps:
Choose the category that interests you.
Find the product/products that interest you most/no. With a single click you can see the expanded image, the details of the item, the price and the opinions of other buyers.
Press the "Add to cart" button. After that you can choose to continue buying or confirm the order.
If you want to continue buying, just repeat the same process, if you want to place the order you will first have to register.
Once you have entered the data, verify that they are correct and click on "Confirm". Choose the shipping method.
Choose a payment method.
Confirm your order and receive all the products you ordered conveniently at home

How can I be sure that I have made the purchase correctly?
Once you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation message to your e-mail address. If it does not arrive, you should contact our customer service at [email protected]

What form of payment can I use to make the purchase?

Can I pay on delivery?

Why was my credit card refused?

Can I have the invoice in my name?

Is it safe to use credit card on your website?

How much does shipping cost me?

What if the goods arrive damaged?

How do I return a product ordered by mistake?

Posso ricevere periodicamente la newsletter al mio indirizzo e-mail?

Can I receive the newsletter periodically at my e-mail address?

In che modo posso recuperare la password dimenticata?

Can I stop subscribing to the newsletter?